Well folks I realized that I have not touched this site in over two years and found out that there were a whole lot of folks wondering what was going on with us. While we are not back to where we were 5 years ago as far as honey production goes, we are holding our own. At one point we had considered selling someone elses honey, someone we trusted but after doing a whole lot of soul searching we decided to stick with what we know. So I can assure you every drop of honey is harvested from our yard. What that does mean though is at some point this year we will run out. Right now we believe we will have enough to get us through July, and we harvest in September. So if you want to make sure you have enough to get you through that couple of months that we will not be at market, make sure to come down in May or June and stock up.

We will be at the
Toledo Farmers Market every Saturday with products from our yard.
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